Canna-Plain Lip Balm

Canna-Plain Lip Balm


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  • CBD Lip Balms are great for moisturizing dry, chapped, or sunburned lips. CBD lip balm is more than simply a moisturizing lip balm. CBD helps cells regenerate which is a great benefit to your lips which may be exposed to the harsh effects of the environment. Chapped lips in particular need the vitamin E and Omega oils which our CBD lip balm contains from CBD oil and sunflower oil.

    Applying a CBD lip balm can help balance out any disruption of balance you experience on the skin of your lips (dryness, sunburn, cracking, cold sores, pain and appearance) by regenerating skin cells and returning the lips to a state of homeostasis, the ahhh good feeling.  A bonus, comes in an oval tube for making application smooth and easy.

  • Non-GMO Coconut-Sunflower-Shea butter oils , Full Spectrum hemp Extract, candelilla wax, flavor oils